Alpha Tests[edit | edit source]

As many know the second Alpha Testing has begun for LO! Congratualtions for those who were selected, as for the others Closed Beta will be in the near future. So hold on to your hats, The Aeria Team is working diligently.

I see, that this Lime Odyssey page doesn't have much information, so as an Alpha Tester I have taken the Liberty of updating this page for the original creator. Any other LO fans are welcome to edit and add to this page regarding any information about LO. I love LO, I love your information about LO.

Want to contribute?[edit | edit source]

So you want to help out but don't know how or where you should start? The list below will show you some areas where we need help.

1. We need photos of all monsters , maps, armor, weapons, etc (Check the individual pages or pictures page to see what pictures are missing).

2. Game Controls needs some love.

3. The Walkthrough will need some info too, along with the Locations page.

4. FishingFarming and Housing have yet to be started.

5. Indepth information on the job and battle classes. 

6. Information on all the monsters and their drops.

7. List of Quest by location.

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